Quick Cerises Keepall question

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  1. Hi, I was just wondering what the price was of the Cerises Keepall 45 when it was available in the stores? They only made it in this size for the keepall, right? Thanks much!
  2. I called 866 and they told me it's $1440(this is the current price, though, after increase. I think it was about $1200 before? )
  3. Thanks pupsterpurse! Do you know if they have any left?? Is 866 their customer questions hotline? Are they open 24 hrs? Can you give me the whole number?
  4. seasonal/limited pieces are NOT affected by increased... the perfo didnt go up neither did the tobago after the last one
  5. Ok, I found the number. Duh. They do not have any more left. Oh, I forgot to ask him how much it was because I see a few on Ebay and I don't want want to overpay by too much. So is it $1200 or $1440? Thanks!
  6. 866 Vuitton 866 884 8866
  7. It has to be over $1400
  8. I just got one and I highly recommend it! It is such a cute keepall!! I love it!
  9. Oh really, that's awesome Selena! Can I ask where you got yours from and how much you paid for it? What about the size of the bag, how many outfits can you put in there? Thanks!