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  1. It’s been awhile since I’ve had a reveal but felt like I needed to share my story.

    I put an offer on a dream house recently after attending a spontaneous Open House. We were not planning on buying a house that day but it was in a location we’ve been dreaming about for years and the house was perfect. Our offer was accepted despite the fact that there were 4 others. We got our financing squared away, did the inspection and drew up the contracts. At the last minute, the deal fell through and we lost the house.

    Yesterday, I was at a work function where I could not bring a bag and I could only fit 2 cards in my phone case.. For some reason, in addition to my debit card, I grabbed my ‘high limit’ visa as opposed to the credit card I use daily. I NEVER use this card unless I'm traveling or planning a big purchase.

    While I was at the event, I got an email. My lovely SA who I had called after the house fiasco sensed that I was in desperate need for a pick me and she came through at the right time! She knows my taste and saw something really unique and special that, while not traditional, thought I would like. While my H collection is a mix of colors and styles, my taste is pretty traditional - I love H classic leathers - box, barenia and togo and classic colors - rouge H, raisin, BE and detain. However, I work in sports and I've been looking for a casual, sporty bag that I can wear every day. This new bag doesn't fit the mold but it fits my life right now! Needless to say, I took this beauty home and am in love. Here she is - not sure what she's called but the color is Bleu Encore.

    Thank you for allowing me to share.

    IMG_8353.jpg IMG_8355.jpg
  2. Such a stunning piece! Enjoy!
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  3. Very nice!!!!!! Congratulations!
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  4. Congrats!!!
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  5. This is so cool! Congrats on a great looking purchase!
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  6. Thank you for the kind comments!
  7. Wow!!!! A Birkin Tressage!! Is that Indigo Barenia? In any case that is stunning.

    I am sorry you had such frustrations but this is a great pick me up. I am sure you'll find a house you love even more...your experience will clarify your vision even more and you will find the perfect home. Meanwhile, what an awesome consolation :heart:
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  8. I’m so sorry about your house. I always believe things happen for a reason and this was it. You’re gorgeous birkin was supposed to be. Congrats and enjoy❤️
  9. I believe it is bleu encre in swift and Bleu du Nord and gold tressage? I agree it is so gorgeous!
  10. What a wonderful tressage B. I’m sorry to hear about your dream home but I’m positive a better one will come your way. Things have a way of working out the way they’re supposed to.
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  11. Congratulations on your new gorgeous b
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  12. I'm sorry that the house didn't work out but this was a great pick-me-up I think it's the ideal bag for sporty casual events congratulations :ps:
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  13. Thank you so much!!! I WISH it was Indigo Barenia - that right there is on the HG list. It's actually Swift which is one of my least favorite leathers because of the floppiness factor but because this is my "casual" bag, it works.

    Thank you for your sympathy re: the house - it was emotional when we were going through it but this certainly makes up for some of the stress this week.

    Thank you RougeH! You're so right. I believe that all things happen for a reason too and just needed a reminder.

    It is Bleu encre in swift. Thank you for the well wishes!
  14. Thank you ODEDIHAIMS for the good thoughts and well wishes. I'm so grateful for what I already have so while it was a stressful time, you're absolutely right - the perfect house will come along just like the perfect bag.

    Thank you so much - so happy that it found a way to me!

    Thank you papertiger - the house was a bummer but the bag made up for it!!! I'm carrying it today and I'm smiling!
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  15. E69CCB8A-1CC8-481E-9365-2969080E58D1.jpeg Here it is in the light. Love how it changes color
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