Quick Advice on Gwenissima, Please...

  1. I've searched through the *Sizing Guide* thread and found two references to Gwenissimas needing sizing 1/2 or 1 size down from your CL size.

    Does anybody have additional recommendations with Gwenissimas to share? I've found a 37 to possibly buy, but with my normal CL 36.5 size, would these would be waaaay to big?

    Thank You! :flowers:
  2. I think they would be too big. I was surprised at how big they were. I ordered a pair from NAP when I was still very green with CLs, so I ordered in my true size and was disappointed to find they were too big. The next size down was already sold out. Do you know your Pigalle 120 size? I suspect they run similarly in terms of size, particularly lengthwise.
  3. i have a pair and they were TTS for me
  4. they certainly run like your pigalle 120 size. For me that would mean TTS and those with a narrow foot 1/2 size down.