Quick ? about the Galliera PM

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  1. OKay well this is my 2nd Galliera PM bag and I am a little upset because just now I was taking off the blue protector film on the front of the name plate for the LV. and I noticed it marked the plate the same shape as the blue film.. is this normal?? i thought from my other one it was a plain surface no design on it?? I tried rubbing it off with my tshirt and nothing its like the blue protector stained my LV plaque !!I am usually not this picky but when you pay a grand for a freaken purse it better be PERFECT!! OMG please tell me all of your Gallieras are this way?? if not this means i have to go back to LV for the 4th time.. :s:tdown::cursing:
  2. this part on the bag rite here... once i removed the blue sticker the nameplate part had a discoloration on it.. the discoloration had the same exact shape as the blue protector piece!

  3. well i guess I am the only one with this problem .. grrr I really dont want to go back to the LV store and exchange it for another one they are going to hate me
  4. I have the Galliera PM but I haven't used it yet. Nor have I taken the blue tape off the plaque. I hope I don't have this problem. Is it possible the discoloration will eventually just go away?
  5. it looks like its stained.. ahhh when you take off the protector film let me know please..

    it looks like it has been sitting on the plaque a long time kind of like when you have a sticker on a car and take it off a year later and it has the mark of the sticker ugly!
  6. Before returning it to the boutique where you purchased it, can you call up another boutique and see what they recommend?
  7. That's strange.. no problem on mine after removing the sticker. :s why don't you call up another boutique and check as what keokicat suggested?
  8. grr I am going back today wish me luck
  9. yeah i dont have that problem on mine, but the SA took the blue tape protector off when i purchased it at the Boutique.
  10. You need to save the blue tape that you removed, so when you take it back you have the blue tape as well. It sounds like there was some kind of reaction with the metal and the plastic protective covering which tells me that something must have not been right with the metal hardware plaque. When you do go back, have the SA remove all the protective coverings on the bag and examine the bag very very closely, canvas, metal hardware, and leather trim. She will also have you do this, for she will probably note last exchange. I know, I know, its not your fault and you SHOULD HAVE A PREFECT bag for what you pay, but LV is getting funny lately about exchanges and refunds and even acknowledging the fact that there are items of theirs out there with defects. LV's quality control is not what it use to be nor the materials they use to produce their items, but you cannot tell them that!!! Good Luck! Do NOT overlook this because you feel funny going back to LV, because you will think of this eveytime you look at this defect on this bag, take it back and get a PERFECT one!
  11. I bought one last evening, and the blue plastic was taken off right after I went back home, I do not see any marks it left on the plate. you might better check the SA then to see if they could exchange one for you.

    By the way, how we could better take care of the interior materials ( microfiber?)
  12. Hope it worked out for you today!!

    Maybe it's oxidation since the blue tape was protecting the brass so the corners don't look as clean? Maybe cleaning the brass with brasso will help? Just a thought.
  13. If they don't give you a new bag, use some brass polish and I'm betting it will come right off. But don't try this before attempting to return!! good luck.
  14. Mine doesnt have any mark at all. Good luck! I hope you are able to change it!
  15. Yikes! If they exchange it, you should ask the SA to remove the protective film in the store.