Questions re: Extender for Epi Pochettes

  1. I have an Epi pochette in the brown Mocha color that has the silvery-ish hardware. It's a bit of a tight fit under my arm and I'd like to check out the extender that I've read about here on tPF.

    What exactly does it look like? Is it a leather strap, or is it a piece of hardware, etc?

    Does it come in all the Epi colors to match the pochettes, and how much is it? Is it worth it?

    Does anyone have pics of their Epi pochettes with the extender attached?

    Sorry about all the questions :blush:, and thanks in advance!!!
  2. I've seen a gold extender, but not any other colors.
  3. Thanks for your reply elongreach! So is it just a piece of gold hardware? How long is it anyway?
  4. I'd say it adds about 2 - 2 1/2 " onto the strap. It's called the "Bolt Key Holder" you can find it on Vuitton's website. I think it's under Accessories??? It only comes in brass right now.
  5. It's actually a keychain that can also be used as an extender. They currently only make it in gold.

    It's exactly like only gold parts on this keychain:

  6. Thanks all!! Apparently, I had no idea what an extender actually looks like. I was searching on eLuxury and for a Epi leather strap looking thing :shame:. I thought it would make the pochette hang down to nearly my waist or something....

    Thanks again!!
  7. If you wanted something to give the pochette strap a looser fit and also wanted the metal tone to match, there are some keychains like the fortune one in silver.
  8. Thanks ayla!! I'll have to go check that out...
  9. [​IMG]

    I have this one.. I bought around 1998 and its held up great!
    It was at first brass but most of it rubbed off so now its basically silver but it still looks wonderful and I believe I paid around $100 for it.
    I've seen these in the boutiques recently:smile:
  10. Thanks for the pics! It gives me a better idea of the size.

    taco - that MC candy keychain is so cute, but wow, it's quite expensive. I could buy another pochette instead :lol:.
  11. Does anyone know how much it costs today? It isn't showing up on eLuxury.
  12. The Keychain Verrou was $110 US when I bought it & I'm pretty sure it still is. You pretty much have to get it from an Lv store or the hotline#.

    You get an extra 3 1/2"
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  13. It really looks like what I've been looking for in a key chain. Not too much bulk, and something my teenage son won't be humiliated carrying.

    This is so neat. I wanted to change my username, and not only was it done, but all my previous posts have my new name. I was New Girl, but that was a quick decision with no thought, Noisette is the color of my first LV and I LOVE it.

    I am loving this forum, but, wow, does it ever make you want more.
  14. Ahaha Noisette, I saw when your name was New Girl and though "What happens when she's not the new girl anymore" ;)