questions, questions, and even more questions

  1. hey guys =]
    i have some questions for you guys. i hope youll help me out.

    1. Do you guys know where to get portatelefonos?
    I was thinking Macy's but... I was also wondering if there were any stores like loehmann's that were selling it around Glendale/Pasadena/Burbank. I was planning to get a case for my new touch screen camera and i thought that a tokidoki one would be AWESOME.

    2. Does anybody know if there are any stores selling tokidoki at Ontario Mills?
    I'm going there this friday so it would really help. :]

    3. Are there any places with tokidoki on sale right now?
    I'm planning to get one more tokidoki bag and if it was on sale that would be perfect... i just don't want tutti. haha. okaaay?
  2. if you call or email Casey from Pulse, I emailed her 2 days ago and she said she still has some portas in stock and they're all 40% off =D

  3. I thought my Tokidoki itch was over, since everyone got me Tokidoki for Christmas... HOPING to complete my obsession, cravings, and cure me!

    But after reading your questions, I kind of want a portelefono.

    Hehe, and it's funny you say you don't want a Tutti on sale! I want one SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO bad but too bad I live in Texas where no one even knows what Tokidoki is.

    Anyway, thanks lanhong for answering!