Questions on Part Time

  1. Hi I am new to Balenciaga and was browsing Diabro and found a Part Time bag that caught my eye in what they describe as "blanc, perle". It is much cheaper than some of the cities, and I was wondering what the difference is between the two styles. Also, does anyone know if this color is close to an ivory color and if it could be carried in the fall and winter? Thanks so much!
  2. this caught my eye too. it's actually cheaper than some firsts. i'm guessing it's shiny and a lil off white. why don't you ask Diabro? their CS is awesome. pls share with us here when they reply you. tia!
  3. This is what Diabro said...
    We have just examined the Blanc, Pearl Part Time bags in our stock room and have concluded that the colour is definitely a little closer to white than ivory. We don`t know the official Balenciaga name for the colour as we name the items on our site by ourselves. The bag is a little ivory but still a fairly brilliant white. Personally, I think it would blend in quite nicely against the natural browns and reds of the fall.
  4. thanks! it's your call now. i don't have a white-white bag so i'd go for the blanc instead of the perle. the perle should go better with browns, i agree with them.
  5. The part time bag is longer than the city. Its the same type of style, its just longer. In my opinion it hangs weird when you use the shoulder strap. The middle of the bag bends, unless I guess you have it stuffed with things.
  6. the part-time is (i think) the width of a work bag but shorter (not as deep as a work). and it is more like a satchel. i was going to let mine go recently. i took pics to post. the pic of her looked sad. :crybaby:'no. don't let me go,': she said. so i am keeping her. um, for now. ;)
    i go back and forth on this; wanted the iconic bbag, not the crazy sister of the work bag. but she grows on you.
  7. I personally love the Part Time Styles... if you pack it the right way... it hangs nicely. :smile:
  8. I love the Part-Time...Right now I like it better than the City...It just looks smart to carry it on your shoulder (although it is a little snug) but so is the Work until its stretched out some...Another plus is that its longer but not as deep and all your stuff doesn't get lost in the bottom...Plus it slouches good after you've carried it for a while...:tender:Man, what a sell :cutesy:
  9. i'm truly a city fan although i haven't seen one in person. I believe the part-time is a bit longer and $100 more expensive.
  10. moving to the main forum... :tup:
  11. part time is way too long, IMO. i like the City size better.
  12. I like the part time than the city. It is a more rectangle than the city, but what I like best about this style is that you can hang the handles over your shoulder. You can also carry it messenger style because the straps is longer.
  13. I love the part time, it's a great style and I love the fact that you can wear it in messenger style.
  14. I was at Neiman Marcus in King of Prussia yesterday obsessive-compulsively trying on all of the A/W07 SGH models, and I have decided that I like the Part Time better than the City. The extra width seems to make a big difference in what it will hold (e.g. my 5-in x 5-in wallet fits much better in it instead of taking up the whole middle of the bag).

    I need another bag like I need a hole in the head, but Neimans is having their "spend $XXXX amount and get a gift card for $XXX" promotion for handbags (and some other items). If I spend $1500 I get a giftcard for $150. I may be back every couple of days until I cave and buy one!

    By the way they had a huge collection of RH bags, and the SA says they may very well be discounting the GGH this fall because it isn't popular and they haven't sold a lot of it.

    And the A/W 07 Red bag with SGH is even more striking in person! :p
  15. ^^ ditto, i'm a convert too!!! :tup: