questions for travel bag

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  1. i'm thinking of getting a (travel) bag, but unsure which one to get as this is my first time i have thought about it.

    i guess the main concern is whether or not i'll be using it since i only travel like once/twice every six months.

    so i want to get something which i can use as well for other purposes such as (going away on the weekend, going to the gym). therefore i'm looking for something that is not too big for going to the gym but not too small for going away/travelling.

    what do you guys think about damier geant albatros in black? any ideas of the price in australia?

    i'm not sure if i want to get something in monogram, there are just too many fake keepalls out there.

    how about in damier? do they also have different sizes available like in monogram?

    how about azur keepall? is that too feminine for a guy? but it doesnt come with a shoulder strap - i want one! LOL!

    if anyone can give me price range in australia it would be really appreciated!
  2. In my opinion I think a Damier Bag would be great for you. With a strap of course. Wouldn't do the Azur for a guy though.
  3. I have 2 actual pieces of luggage, mono keepall and the black mc, i rock both of them HARD! lol... love the damier geant albatros but I like the Terre color better. The keepall is luggage piece, its unisex in my opinion. Damier keepalls are nice and i have yet to see a fake!
  4. I like albatros, you should get it. Keepalls comes in damier and damier azur in 50 and 55 with strap. I have keepall 60 but it's too large for gym so 50 will be very good.
  5. The albtros looks like a nice bag. I got the Taiga Kendall PM for my husband and I to use. I like it because we don't have to worry about getting the leather dirty and it doesn't scream LV.
  6. damier keepall, what about a speedy 40, what about the carryall?


  7. well my bro got the ''damier geant souverain'' with strap in black and the ''sac gymnastique'' with strap, for the gym, their both beautifull but i would suggest you would take the ''damier geant souverain'', i persoanlly think thats the best for a guy!
  8. ... its not too big and not too small.
  9. thanks all for the responses, i think i'm gonna hit the store and check them.
  10. Tabago is awesome, I would go with that!
  11. Tobago is nice but I think the Damier Keepall would be best. I actually like the Keepall in Monogram Canvas (maybe the only thing in Mono Canvas)
  12. i have the feeling that keepall 50 (or any other bag that is around that size) would be the best one to suit me (size wise)

    i dont want to carry something that is too big coz that will not suit me. i'm not a big guy. haha..

    beside, i am not gonna put a lot of stuff inside it so i dont need it to be extra big.

    i think i'm gonna get either damier keepall 50 (no strap with damier 50?), damier geant albatros black (coz i have the other colour for my messenger bag), or monogram keepall 50 (the least fave).

    why only those 3? well... budget is the problem.. haha... tabago is nice but I think it's too expensive
  13. i have just arrived back from the store at crown...

    something funny happened when i was there..

    i asked one the sa about those bags, after showing them to me i asked them about the price..

    she forgot the name of one of the bags (albatros).. and she was trying to remember it..

    i told her that its called "albatros", and you know what she said.. oh that's right, the name is like a prison name.

    i was like wtf??

    i said to her: its a name of a bird...
  14. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao: She must've been thinking about ALCATRAZ, but yeah, it's a bird, :lol: Good one!
  15. I like the style of the carryall in mono canvas and tobago;) What did you decide???