Questions - Can anyone tell me about Hamilton bags?

  1. Sheerstar, you are right. All I've seen is the croc too. The problem is there are TOO many of these bags I love! I saw distressed mocha today and :faint:! Then I rounded the corner and saw claret and :faint: again!

  2. Debpie, :lolots:you're so funny..., you're right, there are too many fabulous colors these season, it's so hard to decide because all are just amazingly gorgeous. I'm tring to stay away form MK stores for now, I might not be able to stop myself from getting one of these beauties.
    Anyway, my heart still belongs to Claret, I've been dying to have this color for years :biggrin:
  3. Claret is gorgeous!! It's #2 on my wish list! Now......I need to start saving!!!
  4. Has anyone seen the purple IRL? I'm trying to gauge the color of it, in the catalog it looks like a dark purple but in the pics online it looks more like a faded purple. I like the pics in the catalog but the pics online are making me wonder if it's the same bag or if it's a purple from a different season.
  5. The pic on the MK website of the large purple one is darker than irl. The medium pic doesn't look right either. It isn't a dark purple or a light purple. It's in the middle. Not much of a help, but I can snap a pic for you tonight and post it.

  6. Thanks that would be awesome! :biggrin:

  7. Here ya go. This is pretty close. It is really hard to capture purple, but this pic looks the closest on my monitor.

  8. It is a deep purple. Not light.. deep like plum... ? HTH I love it..
  9. Thanks a bunch for the pic! It looks a lot more along the lines of the pic in the catalog but their pic online looked way lighter. I know hard hard it can be to try to capture the color in pictures, the lighting/flash/being indoors vs outdoors all affect the outcome and can make it look way diffrent than how it is IRL.

    Thanks for the comparison I really want a dark rich purple, but was affraid to pull the trigger since the pic online looked way diffrent. Its funny the medium pic and the large pic in the same color look totally diffrent.

  10. Welcome... Well.. If you look at the Coach Plum line to compare, it is a burgundy wine colored. The MK one is more purple / blue. It is nice purple. It is not light at at all. It is a dark deep color. Really pops nicely with the hardware. HTH
  11. I already have black, indigo and slate croc. I want purple & maybe claret as well. It's a sickness I tell ya! :nuts:
  12. Thanks it really is helpful. I pulled the trigger and ordered it! Color wise it reminds me of a Bbag I have but don't really use much because of the weight of the giant hardware on it, it's a dark purple with silver hardware. This just might replace it all together.

    You have been bitten by the MK bug the only cure is a new MK :lol: I really liked claret too, I half wanted to get it even though I already own several red bags.

    I just wanted to add I mentioned in another post I asked MK's CS what kind of leather the hamiltons are made of, they didn't know so they forwarded my question to manufacturing. This is the response:

    The Vendor has not specified what kind of leather is used
    in this Handbag. It is referred to as "genuine tanned

    Not to sound petty but this kind of bugs me that they don't know what kind of leather it is, IMO this is a fairly regular question as far as handbags go. I asked mostly because I"m curious but also because I do like certain types of leather over others for ex calfskin is my fave, then chevre, then agneau.


  13. No.. they SHOULD know.. how odd..
    Did you? Awesome! Let us know when it arrives!
    Me too.. I want several myself!!!
  14. Just bought the distress mocha today, will show pic by this weekend. Next on the list to buy is Dusk, Slate, and purple. I love them all.
  15. Excited to see your reveal!