Questions about the Madeleine PM

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  1. I am a huge fan of the epi line an I just bought the Madeleine GM and love it.

    My Birthday is February and with my Christmas shopping done the plan is to pay off the credit cards so that I can buy a new bag for my birthday. What I really need is a small shoulder bag that I can wear both casual and with "the little black dress". I live in jeans and nice tops but every so often have to throw on a dress for an event. Is this bag versitile enough that it can be worn dressy and casual? Also can you fit a wallet in it? I carry a big wallet but was thinking about getting a smaller one. Would the Koala fit or do do I need to go to say a ludlow?
  2. Yes a Koala would fit and it can be dressed up or down.
  3. Oh i love that bag.