Questions about the Ines...(Peanut/Chocolate)


Jun 21, 2006
Northeast USA
1) Do you think the Peanut color is more attractive on this bag then the Chocolate color?
2) Do you think $946 plus tax (NY) is a good deal for a Chocolate Ines at Bloomies?
3) Do you think the chocolate ines will get reduced even more eventually?

I have the Peanut Ines but really wanted the Chocolate one and I was going to wait until later on in the season to find one. I saw that this bag was on sale at Bloomies...but I still think it's too much for that bag. do you agree? :shrugs:

Coach Superfan

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Dec 5, 2006
in grey heaven
1) I actually like the Peanut better on the Ines. I can't say why. Maybe it's only b/c I've seen that color the most? :shrugs:

2) ANyway, I think you can probably find it cheaper. Is the $946 the price after the current 25% off private sale? DId you ask the SA about signs posted about 15% off handbag purchases over $200 (or whatever the amt was)? I wonder if these are stackable.