Questions About Spy Bags from a Total NEWBIE!

  1. Newbie to the Fendi threads here...

    Just a year ago, my closet was stuffed with old Carlos Falchi and Coach bags and a Dooney or two, and a few Hayden-Harnetts as well as some unusual Italian leather finds. And then I discovered THE PURSE FORUM!:yahoo:

    Over the past year I've sold most of the Falchis, Coaches, and Dooneys (or have given them away,) and I now own a Chloe Paddington and a Balenciaga Twiggy and several Louis Vuittons (mmmmm... yummy!) and I was feeling s-a-t-i-s-f-i-e-d. And then it happened. I was walking through the Buffalo International Airport one day last week, and while waiting for my luggage to make it to the pickup area, I wandered into the airport store and discovered Fendi Spy Bags. TDF! (Why oh why did this have to happen to me?) Of course, I've been all over the Fendi threads on tpf since then.

    So, now I am just chock-full of questions!
    1. Is the Spy still as HOT as it was a few years ago? Does it have staying power?
    2. How heavy of a bag is a Spy? I am contemplating selling my Chloe Paddington (a really beautiful 2005 chocolate) because that lock, while gorgeous, really adds weight.
    3. I love my LV Speedy 30's. How does the Spy compare in terms of size, finding things inside, and carrying style? What I mean is, the Speedy can go in hand or over arm/wrist, but not over the shoulder. Can you carry the Spy comfortably over your shoulder?
    4. Is the whole handle and secret compartment business really functional or is it a gimmick?

    I have my eye on purchasing a Chocolate Spy, and I would be willing to sell several other bags in my closet to finance it. Worth it? Will I be happy ever after? Any and all opinions welcome.
  2. Hi! Welcome, Beth.

    To answer your questions...

    1. The Spy was definitely THE it bag in 2005 (IMO), celebs still carry them nowadays, but they're not as novel as they were before. That said, they are absolutely beautiful (as you've seen), and I really do think they have staying power. High end dept stores still stock and sell out of them, and I get compliments on mine all the time. Bottom line, though, if you really love it, go for it!

    2. The spy is super duper light. I was really into Balenciaga for a while, which are also known for being feather-light, and I'd say the Spies are just an ounce heavier if at all. They're definitely much lighter than Chloes.

    3. I am petite (5'3'' 98lbs), and I can carry the spy easily over my shoulder. I think most sizes should be able to...

    4. The purse (mouth-looking-thing) compartment is really very functional and handy. The smaller cigarette compartment (inside the braided handle)...not so much. Some of us put gum or hair things inside, though.

    Hope this helps!!!!

    PS. Chocolate was my spy of choice, too. I think you'll love one! They're so luscious and versatile. Here's a pic:
  3. Just to share I have two spies ....the zucca nappa and the stripey denim and love love love them! they are very functional and you can put alot of stuff in it.:yes:
  4. 1) I agree with etagaya - the Spy was HUGE (celeb wise) in 2005, but I still love mine :biggrin:

    2) I find the spy a light bag, but it is definitely lighter than the paddington!

    3) In terms of a speedy 30 i think the spy can hold a little more. Im 5'2 and i carry it over the sholder or on the arm. It depends how much ive put in the spy.

    4) The spy compartment is super handy! It so easy to access which is why i use it for my phone. The other handle compartment is not so handy...

    IMO the spy is definitely worth it and the chocolate colour is TDF! I love my LV's and all but I use my black spy more than any other bag I own, its really comfy, stylish and versitile. :biggrin:
  5. Well not much to say since the questions seem to have been answered. If you loved it in the store there is nothing stopping you from lovin it when you get it. Most people on this forum seem to get hooked after they buy careful! I have three that I bought all in one month and want more! Good thing money doesnt grow on trees eh?

    You can carry it on your shoulder but it may get a little uncomfortable if you have a lot of things in your bag or they are heavy things. When that happens I either grin and bare it (grinning because its so beautiful), or carry it on my arm/hand. The coin purse (top compartment) is VERY handy, but the bottom one (and the bottom of the handle) keeps opening for some people so they don't put anything in it. 2/3 of my spys have it where it keeps opening. The spy is bigger than the speedy 30 but I have trouble finding things in it..but its worth it! Its so wonderful you'll probably forget any issues you might have lol. Try them on at a store again..if you like it go for it!
  6. -You're not d*** kidding! I bought 5 in one month, this after wondering what was the big attraction when I first saw one. Now I am on a Spy ban for just about forever :crybaby: Gawd I would have loved to get that Petrol!
  7. Beth001 - your story sounds like mine as far as pre-tPF bags and then post-TPF! Here's my 2 cents...

    aishwaryi and spy.jpg sig spy - paris.jpg fendimodel0ua.jpg spy rachel roy.jpg
  8. Thank you EVERYONE for your terrific answers! GyrlLayney, what color/design is the one on the farthest left pic underneath your post? It looks like black with brown handles -- how handsome!

    I have never really loved the F's design (zucca?) -- it's a personal thing. About 10 years ago I had to work with a woman for an entire year who was very, very nasty to me, and she carried a Fendi bag and I have disliked Fendi bags for that reason ever since. Except now I am salivating for a SPY, just not one with that pattern on the outside.

    BTW, notice the look on the face of the guy in the photo wearing his glasses on his head. Is he staring at her butt or what?!? LOL!
  9. haha! He looks like he's staring at HIS butt.:lol:
  10. Beth - What a hilarious story about your Fendi-loving be-yotch co-worker! I believe that is a chocolate (dark brown) spy being carried by Aishwarya (she was Miss Universe). That's her husband's hand she's holding as they make their way thru a mob of fans and paparazzi. I think that the pic on the far right is also a chocolate spy, but with different lighting. Maybe someone more knowledgeable about these Spy colors can chime in!