questions about reissues

  1. ok i thought that the reissues were made from aged calfskin? I have seen large flap bags with the m/m lock and classic chain with regular lambskin. But does chanel make the flap bag with m/m lock regular lambskin with the reissue chain? Am i making sense? :confused1:
  2. So far I've only seen m/m lock with leather interwoven chain and bijoux chain, never paired with the reissue chain.

    I understand your confusion =) There are so many variations.
  3. thanx so much for answering! I thought i knew so much about chanel until i found this site and i am learning so much. I am on a hunt to find my first chanel. Tough choice!:yes:
  4. Not all reissues are done in calfskin, no. The Anniversary reissues (2005) that I own are distressed lambskin, for example. :smile: The new reissues coming out for spring (metallic purple, navy, red, green, silver, black, etc.) will be in aged calfskin though (metallic calfskin in the case of most). :smile: The large and Jumbo flaps with the MM lock and "old" chain are "hyrbid" flaps - neither a reissue, nor a regular classic flap! ;) Hope that helps a bit! :tup:
  5. WOW! Thanx so much! You sure do know your chanel!:yes: