Questions about Nutmeg/Muscade paddy...

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  1. I think I have to have one lol....I'm smitten.:P

    But I've just been wondering a few things:
    • Does it have any color undertones at all? In most photos I've seen it's just brown, no reds or oranges at all...but I just wanted to make sure.:yes:
    • Is it darker than most photos make it look? In all the NAP photos I've seen it looks darker than it doesn on most photos I've seen here on's not a really light brown is it?:confused1:
    • Important question - does it mark easily? Would it pick up dirt marks or is it pretty tough?
    Thanks everyone!!!:tup:
  2. Ahhhh another lady falling for the Muscade charm! :love:

    To answer your questions - I cannot see any undertones at all. It is a perfect mid-brown, plain and simple :yes: The true colour is depicted well in my pic below.

    Also, in my experience, the colour doesn't mark or show dirt easily. It is very durable. But to my mind, this is a sort of vintage tone of brown that will probably just get better and better wth use ;)

    I hope this helps make you mind up. You really can't go wrong with Muscade IMO :tup:


  3. Wow...drooling over your paddy :drool:.

    Thanks for your help Balchlfen :tup:.
  4. Can't remember if I've told you this before, but this pic makes me drool buckets!:drool:
    Such gorgeous pebbly squishy smooshy leather~:love:
  5. lv_obsessed- the muscade paddy is to die for!!! You will love it. Here are a couple of photos of mine.
    ILuvMyMuscade.jpg Muscade051107(1).jpg
  6. hi lv_obsessed

    it's pretty much as balfchen says - no undertones, plain mid-brown and the colour of her photo is pretty close to real life. It might be a tiny bit darker - I know I was a bit surprised when I got mine...

    The colour is pretty tough - i chuck mine around, take it to work, throw it on the car floor, sit it on my lap at restaurants etc and there are no marks whatsoever! It certainly doesn't pick up dirt as far as I can see and the best bit is it doesn't seem to scratch easily either.

    ps. balfchen, i just adore your big wrinkly bit!
  7. OMG - I just reread what I wrote and I am HANGING MY HEAD IN SHAME.

    I am SO sorry Balchlfen - not only for mistyping your name, but for writing that aboslutely, completely ridiculous comment... OMG I just can't even bear to think about it...! :shocked:

    What i MEANT was, I love the big wrinkle in your paddington...

    ....and let that be a lesson to you all, ladies - reread, check spelling and REREAD! :shame:
  8. hahahaha big wrinkly bit - amazing what the paddy does to people :roflmfao:
  9. Edit button is there for a reason, although that is a brilliant comment :roflmfao:
  10. Hi LV Obsessed, I've had my muscade paddy now for a week and a half and I can't get over how lovely it is. The colour is so beautiful, not a hint of orange! I think it will def age well. I got it cuz I thought it was dark enough to carry off any marks and I think i'll be right.

    I would say go for it!

    Here's a pics of mine
  11. Wow thanks for the info everyone!!!
    Yep, I definitely want one now after seeing all these scrummy photos.

    LOL i_wona that comment was one in a million :P
  12. Hmm, got mine here now. It's a nice light brown, rich. It feels nice and makes that leather sound when stroked, as it frequently is. lol. I love it. It never seems to get marks on it and when I occasionally wipe it with a wet cloth (as I do to most of my stuff, I hate grubby things) it doesn't affect the way it looks or feels. Oh and it's wrinkly and soft. I think when it gets more and more worn it's just going to improve - it's the right colour for it.
  13. Hehehe I'm a leather stroker too....:P

    Irresistable, isn't it???

    Awwww definitely want a muscade paddy now no :smile:.
  14. These pics are making me :drool: and getting more and more insane about the wait for my Muscade Paddy.

    But I'm pretty sure I'm going to be happy with it! :yes: