Questions about Marc by Marc Jacobs bags...

  1. I really love the way some of the Totally Turnlock bags look. For those who have seen them in person or who actually have one, is the quality really nice?

    Is the leather really soft?

    Also, where are Marc by Marc Jacobs bags made?
  2. MJ bags are made in a lot of different countries.. I've seen Indonesia, China, Italy, etc.
  3. The Totally Turnlock line is gorgeous!! I have the bowler and the quality is superb (as is everything else MbyMJ) for something that is a cheaper version of MJ. On all of my leather MbyMJ, there's a tag that says "this was made from quality blah blah blah" and you can really tell that the quality is the best that can be afforded.

    The leather is extremely amazing on the totally turnlock line. Very buttery soft.

    As for where the bags are made, Luna is right, it varies. Although I checked the 7 MbyMJ bags I have and not one is made in Italy :sad:
  4. I just love my totally turnlock Teri. The leather is really soft and buttery while being a pretty light bag. I've seen the black, brown, and yam IRL and all the colors are really nice.

    They seem to be selling really fast because each time I go in to the store, they have new ones out (last week I saw black and yam ones and today they sold out those and had brown ones out).
  5. I will be getting my turnlock bowler in dark brown today. I will post a review.
  6. I have the Totally Turnlock Tina Tote in firebird red and ditto what all the other ladies have said -- the leather is extremely, unbelievably soft and buttery! It makes you want to run out and buy all the bags in all the different colors. :love:
  7. Does these bags have any structure to them?
  8. Here are some pictures of my turnlock bowler in dark brown. I cannot believe how lovely the leather is. I want to eat it!
    MJ arm2.jpeg MJ3.jpeg
  9. Congratulations, zeitgeist4! Beautiful bag! It's a nice shade of brown, too!!
  10. Does anyone have or [​IMG]seen the violet tote bag? Is the leather just as soon as the turnlock line? thanks....
  11. I have the Teri in firebird red and it's wonderful. I love my mbymj and will recommend it to anyone.
  12. I've seen it in black and a dk.grey and the leather is just as buttery soft as the turnlock line. actually, it is a little bit softer!! the only problem is that it is quite delicate, there were already a couple scratch/scuff marks on the store displays.
  13. thanks mello yellow for your input. Which colors did you see it in? I was thinking about the black (since i cant find it in the bowler style ANYWHERE).