Questions About Fixing Vintage Jumbo Flap * * *

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  1. I just got my vintage jumbo flap and I found the chain is actually quite old and the leather of it has started fading, I'd like to ask anyone who has this bag (or hasn't) that if chanel still has the type of chains for vintage jumbo(very thick, thicker than that for the current jumbo). And if they do, how much would it be around to get my vintage chanel a new chain??

    also, if i get my bag to fully refurbish, will it be much or just a bit newer?What will they actually include in full refurbishment?

  2. Why don't you call Chanel and ask them? I'm sure the quote would be more accurate that way.
  3. Granted I haven't had chains replaced in ages, but they will replace them as well as either redye the bag or clean it and condition it. If your bag needs redying it will cost under $200, less if it's just cleaning and conditioning -- plus the chains. Photomy is correct in saying the boutique can give you a fairly close price quote. (Do not take your authenticity card, dust jacket, box -- just the purse when you give it up to the spa gods.) Figure it will be gone for 2 months. (If you wait til the summer when businesses close down for a month, then it will be an even longer turnaround.)
  4. Good luck!
    I would love to see before and after spa treatment :smile:
  5. I don't know if it's different in the UK, but I recently rang the chanel store in Bond Street, London, asking about having my lambskin flap bag cleaned and the SA told me they can't be cleaned?? Was I given wrong information?
  6. Yea i asked a SA in selfridges and she told me they might not take vintage chanel bags as those bags might need longer time to fix than more up to date bags, their warehouse might not have enough space for them..:confused1: