Questioning my PCE Purchase.....

  1. This is my first Legacy!! :yahoo:

    I had to order it, so I could not try it on in the store. Do you think I should have gotten the satchel instead? I love it, but I am feeling guilty about the cost.
    Please comment and tell me your thoughts.:confused1:

    I am tall almost 5' I can do big bags. I also purchased the large Mandy in black leather, absolutely love it.
    first coach legacy.JPG
  2. I think it is a beautiful bag... and since you got it with a discount it's even better!

    ENJOY IT! :O)
  3. If you can do big bags, it's a great choice. The Legacy leather is sooo nice.
  4. Enjoy that gorgeous bag, girl! Don't feel guilty about the price for a second. It's well worth it-- ESPECIALLY with the discount!!!! Congrats on a gorgeous purchase!:yes:
  5. I really like it. Congrats. If you like it and it looks nice on you, keep it.
  6. The satchel is nice -but it is a really heavy bag to hold on the crook of your arm - especially if you load it up. Enjoy the Mandy - your elbow will thank you.
  7. ^ I agree... This is better because it goes over your shoulder, the satchel didn't look like it would. Stick with what you have - it is beautiful!
  8. Love the bag... keep it and do not feel guilty !
  9. I LOVE the Mandy! Congrats - it's just a beautiful bag!
  10. Congrats on the bags! Those are stunning.
  11. I love that bag. I wish I had gotten one at the PCE.
  12. Very pretty-
  13. I am in the same boat as you, I just got my Mandy black signature courier today and it is super comfy on my shoulder but I'm feeling like not only was it lots of $$ it may even be a bit busy with all of the hardware on the front - I just cannot decide but will probably keep it. I love your white Mandy though, I got the white leather legacy shoulder bag at the PCE with the matching french purse/wallet. If anyone should feel guilty about cost it's me!
  14. It's really pretty and I agree that if you can do large bags, keep it!
  15. It is very beautiful!
    And you have black and white?
    Congrats on your purchase, please keep it =)