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  1. Hello,
    I would like to ask you if the D-bag(D-styling Bauletto) was on sale..Do you know how much cost in Europe??Thank you
  2. I was informed that it is 1150 euro (also confirmed this on as far as whether it goes on sale, im not sure. I'm new to Tod's and just came across this bag and fell in love with it!

    Please let me know if you find out more info, I hope others will chime in as well.
  3. ^^^ W, your avatar has to be one of the cutest photos I've seen! Aww! :love: Not to mention I love that bag so. The only reason I haven't bought it is the straps are too short to wear on the shoulder so I admire it from far!
  4. Usually when they are on sale, it may be at a Neimans or some other type. It takes a season (or new style of bags to come out) roughly for an item to get to the outlet
  5. Thank you drs, that's what I thought too. Unfortunately, I dont have access to any outlets here in Minnesota. Wish I lived in LA! Seriously contemplating the grey (like my avatar - such a gorgeous shade)