1. Are we allowed to post links to good buy it nows? There's a black epi pochette for $99 buy it now and its reeeal, just missing a strap.
  2. I think it's okay. But, if you are asking auth questions there is a special section for it.
  3. I've been eyeing that pochette...but unfortunately it's missing the strap and the strap is so important for that bag.

    Rebeccalou28 has a lilac epi pochette for like $275!! Someone should definitely get it...I'd love to but...can't. :sad:
  4. I don't see why not - there's a thread for eBay deals in the Dior forum, and if you'd like, you can start one here. That's a great deal, especially since the strap isn't all that much from the store ! :yes:
  5. sh*t!!!!!!!!! I love that one but well I am a guy do you think I sould buy it anyway ??? what could I use it for ??? :nuts:
    it is just a great price and acutally I don't care about the strap.......
  6. wow! its beautiful!

    my initial reaction is that it can make a very nice clutch

    short or long strap are available for purchase at any LV store

    if all else fails, get a nice long necklace to use as a strap
  7. I am sooo on the verge of clicking the BIN button :graucho: Does anyone know how much the strap would be to replace it???
  8. is that real? why is it so cheap?
  9. Its cheap cause it's missing a strap. Bag is def real. I figured that since most people have the pochette inside a larger bag, then the missing strap wouldn't be much of a deal.
  10. wow, it is indeed a great deal! somebody should buy it. the auction said it's brand new :yahoo:

    the strap can be bought at the store anyway :yes:
  11. Yup someone hit the BIN button. hopefully its someone on the boards =]
  12. oh it's sold! yeah, hopefully, someone on the boards got it :yes:

    this is a great idea evolkatie, things like this should be posted more often here so the rest of us can get great deals! :heart:
  13. I made a sticky out of evolkatie's post. Let's keep it going, ladies and gents!!!:graucho:
  14. thanks Mod :yahoo: