1. i am very impatient and very spontaneous so i tend to put my expensive bag purchases on my cc i was just wondering, do you guys save up for your bags or like me put them on your cc?
  2. I have paid cash for all my bags. Once I put something on my credit card and then when I got paid I paid it off.
  3. I wouldn't buy an expensive bag unless I knew I had the funds to pay for it. So, I usually pay with cc at the store and then immediately pay off when bill comes in.
  4. Yeah I'll only put it on a card that I pay off each month. Otherwise, I'll do without the bag.
  5. credit card...then pay it off...I feel embarrased with cash in a big amount in a designer boutique for some reason???
  6. When I said cash..I meant my debit card.
  7. I use CC but the car is paid off immediately..I like the points! hehe

    No bag is worth being in debt for...I hate that feeling =(
  8. I usually charge my bags, than pay it off rather quickly.
  9. I pay with my cc because I like the points but I'll pay it off as well once the bill comes in...
  10. I never carry large amounts of cash on me, so I always pay by CC, then just pay it in full when the bill comes in.
  11. I pay with my debit card so it comes straight out of my checking account. OUCH.
  12. -i am a student, w/ a part time job, but LOVE bags... and am a bit impatient, too... i know all this talk about paying off in full might dampen your mood, but i would also recommend NOT charging EVERYTHING on your cc -it's a large bulk charge, and you'll be slowly paying it off, and end up paying more for it in the end (because of interest)

    since i understand your situation, perhaps i can offer what i do in order to get new bags. since i'm not blessed w/ a large bank account (too many school bills!!) but, i will at least try to save up a good amount $ for the bag i want -anywhere from half to two-thirds the price of the bag. THEN, i will charge the bag, knowing that i can put that bulk amount toward the bag when the initial bill comes. then, i make an allowance for myself that i must pay on the cc bill for 2 or 3 months after that on the remaining amount, as to not let the it recurr on my cc, racking up a bunch of interest.

    SORRY, that was quite detailed... hope i got the point across! but having all that cc debt at once is hard to pay off, especially when its around 2000 dollars! good luck!