question regarding wristlets...

  1. hi everyone!

    i was wondering if anyone knows if the bleecker wristlets are going to be available in bottle green or ink in the future? also does anyone have any pictures of the bleecker wristlet, in particular the back of the wristlet? i'm thinking of getting one but i would like to see it first n i can't get to the store anytime soon...

    also are the legacy leather wristlets going to be offered in the raisin or juniper?

    btw the legacy leather chilli wristlet and french purse are up on

    thanks for the help!
  2. I almost got a bleeker wristlet but didn't because I got the wallet but the wristlet is gorgeous! Sorry I don't have pics for you. And the french purse in chilli is simply beautiful! I couldn't stop looking at it! I may have to splurge on a wristlet in chilli!
  3. I can tell you the back of the wristlet is plain. Its like a thick wristlet with a flap over the front. (hope that makes sense!) I haven't seen any in the green or ink color yet but they might show up. I think production on some of the items was delayed a little. You can always try calling JAX and seeing if those colors are going to be available in the future.
  4. thanks guys! so is it a zip top like someone pointed out in another thread? or does it fnc as a flap like the legacy wristlet? it looks like a flap i just am not getting the zip top thing...just wanted that clarified if u guys know...thanks again!
  5. I think there are a couple of bleeker wristlets...a regular zip top style and the 'capacity' wristlet that has the flap and looks more like the legacy wristlet. So maybe that's the confusion?
  6. When you open up the flap, there are two compartments. One has the zipper and the other doesn't. It is kinda big. It's really cute though and I think I'm going to get it in wine for my mom.
  7. i think ur rite...that maybe the confusion...i must've confused the descriptions wonder it wasn't makin sense to me! duh! thanks