Question regarding the Bleecker leather shopper

  1. Its not on the Coach website anymore? only the sig version appears to be there. Is it not available, or coming out again w/the next floorset? Anyone have any info? I was considering this as a possible giftcard purchase after the holidays. Thanks!
  2. I noticed that. My black one is still unused, but Dan's mom on Gossip Girl has a british tan one that was TDF.

    Probably still in stores someone. Have your local store do a search.
  3. Coachfreak, do you like the bag? I was thinking of getting the black one as well to get through the rest of the winter. Thanks!
  4. Donnalynn11-

    I don't know what it is. I used to wear NOTHING but Black, but I can't seem to use any of my black bags.

    I LOVE the bag, I bought it for the Tattersall lining and of course with boxey shape. I love it, just haven't used it.

    It holds a lot, I just have to be careful because many bags don't fit "comfortably" on my shoulder. Depending on what else you own, it would make a great addition.
  5. Hate to say this, but I'm afraid it may no longer be in production. It didn't seem to last very long. I also noticed that Coach removed it from their website after it's brief debut. Sorry! :boxing:
  6. I just bought the tan Leather shopper from Nordstroms online. I paid for the overnight shipping so should have it before christmas:yahoo:

    it is hard to find now, and I dont think its coming back online at coach :tdown:
  7. Macy's online still has the bag in both colors.
  8. No, I could have sworn it was up there last week right before the price drops!
  10. they have it at my store at columbus circle NYC
  11. I bought mine through an SA and she had to order it from Jax. Then it popped up online again and promptly disappeared. I've seen them at Nordstrom, too. You may just want to check at a boutique if you are close to one! Good luck!
  12. Call the COACH Boutiques in Tysons Galleria, Virginia and/or Georgetown, Washington DC. They had both colors, some might still be available to order with your PCE over the phone! It wasn't distributed to all stores, but it is available in limited quantities. Maybe your helpful SA will do a nationwide search for you to find it?

    Good Luck, I have the British Tan and I love it!
  13. It's online @ Coach as we type>>>Go,Go, Go!!!:woohoo:

    I have it in BT, and Luvs It!!!!
  14. How big is this shoppper? Is it heavy?

  15. I believe they are deletes as well