question regarding PCE

  1. I went on vacation for 2 weeks in June and when I left (the 14th) I hadn't received anything in the mail from Coach (aka PCE card) ... but when I returned (on the 28th ... but didn't pick up the mail until the 30th) I had a PCE card... I was excited (and kind of annoyed because had I actually been home I would've received it with like 1 maybe 2 days left to actually use it!!)

    Anyway, my question is... If I go into my Coach store would I still possibly be able to use it if I explain my situation? Or is it a lost cause?!

  2. Give it a's hard to say because extending in to June 30th was a big extension, kwim?
  3. Honestly no, the event is over.
  4. I would say almost assuredly no, the event was already extended once, it's done, sorry
  5. If it was like a day after the event was over then I'd say it's a possibility...but being that it's July 5th and the event was over June 30th, no.
  6. Def. not since it's already into July and it was over on the 30th.

    I think when it's over it should be OVER, for everyone.