Question re size of Heart Coin Purse

  1. I finally got to see it IRL yesterday (in Pomme & Perle) and it is really cute! My store only got one so far and a customer already has it on hold....BUT my SA said that if another comes in he'll call me. I think it is really cute...but I'm not sure what I'd use it for.
    Those who have seen it you think it's too big and bulky to use as a purse charm?
  2. how big is it - compared to say a cles
  3. on eluxury , there WAS a picture of a vernis bag with the mc as a charm. it looked really good, but it was kinda big.
  4. Can cc fit into it?
  5. I heard not...
  6. If CCs can't fit into it.. that'd be really, really disappointing. I'm kind of curious as to how this sizes up as well.
  7. It's definetly bigger than a ronde.....and it wouldn't hold CCs (unless you have those mini BofA CCs). I just worry about it being too big for a bag charm...I mean it would probably look good on my BV (bigger bag) but not sure about my speedys.
  8. I saw them the other day, way on the CC....might be a bit big for speedy charm. Better for totes, etc I think.
  9. I think it's too big as a bag charm and little too thick also. It's does fit cc's because of the shape and they had a picture of it being hooked from the inside to the D-ring instead.
  10. I agree, it won't fit CC, too big as speedy charm. It's perfect for coins and tote charm. Darn, it's so cute..
  11. double post
  12. I tried as hard as I could and NO ccs or cards will fit in this. I do think it will look GREAT as a bag charm though!
  13. Has someone seen the Envelope in comparison to the Heart? is it much bigger? and those ist hold CC ?
  14. Thanks gals! I can't see myself using it as a coin purse (my cles are just used as bag charms or to hold CCs) so I don't think I'll get much use. Maybe I'll have to get the Pastilles instead.