Question re Return Policy at BV Boutiques

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  1. My darling husband bought me a beautiful BV to add to my collection for Valentine's Day (details are in a separate post under the general BV forum). Hubby told me I was more than welcome to take it back and exchange it if it wasn't what I wanted (not a chance), but also said that it was NOT returnable.

    This isn't my first bag from a BV boutique, but somehow I didn't realize that the stores will only do exchanges? Certainly I knew that sale items are final sale, but full price items?

    Is this true for all the BV boutiques?
  2. Yes, it is exchange or store credit only at all boutiques.
  3. I have a dumb question. If you never bought from a boutique before then where did you buy your bags from previously? I just assumed the majority here shops at the boutiques with an occasional sale at a dept. store. I didn't know BV does this either as it's not done in other boutiques, only sale items.
  4. I HAVE bought from the BV boutique before, just didn't ever realize that there was a no-return policy, hence my question. I have also bought BV from Neiman Marcus. I know that BV will send you things on consignment. I guess I thought that implied an ability to return.
  5. i was told return for store credit only at the nyc boutique...
  6. Consignment is different. If you are an established customer, the boutique could have your credit card info and authorization. They'll send you the piece(s) that you're interested, and you have a couple days to decide if you want to keep it/them. Then, they'll charge your CC. If not, you return the pieces back to them.

    For regular purchases, exchange/store credit only within 10 days. Sale items, no return/exchange/store credit = final sale.
  7. Ah, that explains it. Thank you, uclaboi. I am an established customer at the Atlantic City BV, but not at the one where hubby bought this bag. I've only bought one bag in the Tysons store, so I suppose I am not really "established", and DH would not have known to ask about consignment in any case. I appreciate the clarification!

  8. Yes, BV will send out a bag on approval with cc info for 3 days..

    The department store will credit you back on a cc if that is how the

    original purchase was made.

    BV boutiques will give a store credit or exchange within a certain time period.

    Sale merchandise usually means final sale in the boutiques.. store policies
    vary.. like NM last call will sometimes have final sale with markdowns
  9. The exchange period at the BV boutique is 10 days.

    I have purchased bags from Saks/NM that were "final" markdowns -no returns or exchanges- even the receipt had final sales printed on them.
  10. Kind of a related question, can I exchange something I bought online at one of the boutiques? My husband bought me this wallet I had been gushing over online but I'm not in love with it in person (the color is different IRL, more red than pink). The BV website is not too clear. Thanks!

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  11. The complete BV website return policy is under menu item "purchase information" -- this menu is along the bottom of the screen once you go into "Shop online US only." This part of the policy addresses your question:

    "Full-priced merchandise must be returned/exchanged within 15 days from date of delivery; however, sale merchandise is a Final Sale. On-line purchases may not be returned or exchanged at Bottega outlets stores or at Bottega shop-in-shops in department stores. Please note that shipping costs will not be subject to refund and that a different policy may be applicable for in-store purchases."

    Good luck -- I hope it's not too late to exchange your wallet!
  12. Exchange or Store Credit Only within 10 DAYS . . . . says on the receipt . . . .

    Final sale on sunglasses . . . .

  13. YES you can :yes:
    I bought a pair of boots online and returned them yesterday to the Chicago Boutique no questions asked. They were soooo nice there :tup:

  14. I was able to exchange my wallet for an archive bag in orchid at SCP. They were very friendly and accomodating. I called BH first to confirm and the person that picked up the phone said they don't take online orders. Had I looked at the receipt first, I would have figured out that I can return/exchange at any boutique and kindly corrected him. Thanks for the input again.