Question re: Lace bag

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  1. I just want to double check-is the one Eva the same bag as the picture below? It's on sale 50% off so I am tempted to get one . Thanks! (Link of Eva Mendes)

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  2. yes it is and eva looks awesome carrying it
  3. I loooove that bag! Where are you finding it on sale?
  4. I also just got it on 40% off at Selfridges in London!!! grabbed the last one!!! am sooooooooooo happy :smile:
  5. It's posted on the sales thread! 50% off!
  6. OMG, yes! this is the one I would love to get my hands on!
    Grab it shopgirl1010!
    And do they have more?
  7. Please PM me where I can get this bag on sale as well! Please?TIA!
  8. ^Prada Las Vegas has it for 50% off!
  9. So does Prada Hawaii, I have the bag, love it, not delicate like the fairy bag.

    On sale at Prada Hawaii 808 921 0200
  10. whats is the original price or the new sale price of the bag?
  11. The original price is $2290 and so 50% off of that :smile:
  12. It arrived today it's smooth and beautiful! I'll post pics later
  13. Oh post pix shop girl, love the bag!!
  14. Thanks for the heads up on the sale - I just ordered the bag from Prada hawaii! So thrilled that I was able to get it on sale! :ty:
  15. Anytime Cougess, Please tell them you were sent by Susan from Purse Forum.