Question re: Kelly Mou

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  1. After reading various traveling threads, I am thinking of swapping one of my sellier Kelly for a Kelly Mou. It seems so perfect - versatile, elegant day to evening look, secure, shoulder strap and collapse nicely into my luggage, etc.

    Is this still available at the store? Can I order it via Feb PO? What leather/colours does Kelly Mou come in? Does any one have one? Please post pics for me to drool.

    Thanks in advance.:flowers:

    Here's a couple of photos I manage to find. This looks like a rouge vif guillver 32cm kelly mou.

    kelly mou.gif
    kelly mou 2.gif
  2. Actually I believe the degree of Mou-ness is also in part due to the leather. I have a kelly mou 32 and its not nearly that smushy as it is togo.
  3. Ops... I don't know what just happened. I managed to have this same thread on the shopping and the main section. So sorry for the confusion....