Question re Epi handle on my Speedy

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  1. Yes, I just got the Epi Speedy 30 in black from Saks!
    When I got back to my office I noticed that the leather on the underside of one of the handles is rippled. (The other handle is smooth). Should I take it back and exchange for another one? Or is this common on this type of handle? HELP!

  2. WOOHOO on the speedy! love a black epi speedy! i think that's normal with wear- meaning it will happen eventually. you need to figure out if it will bug you or not. if so- exchange it for another one!
  3. I do not have an epi speedy, but from what I have read, it is common for the leather to crease.
  4. I purchased a brand new red speedy from elux earlier (which I now returned because I don't feel the love for red anymore...) and it was rippled.