Question re Dior Gaucho color

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  1. Does anyone have (or has anyone seen in person) a Dior gaucho in the color Diabro calls Marron Fonce:

    It seems quite different than the "brown" from Eluxury:

    (I can't get the direct link to the brown to work, but if you click on the white one at this link, you can change the color.)

    I prefer the look of the Eluxury one, but the price of the Diabro one is hard to pass up. So I am wondering what the Diabro color really looks like.

    Thanks for any help!
  2. they're both the same colour. i believe the marron fonce colour name is the french name for the brown coloured gaucho. just like how diabro calls the metallic gauchos argents (and the english term for it would be metallic).

    as for the shade of brown, it's more similar to the one on the diabro site than on elux. i find the colour on the elux site to be a little too light, but in any case, it is a deep rich brown in real life (imo) and definitely worth getting. ;)
  3. Thanks, very helpful. The other thing I noticed is that the stitching on the eluxury one seems to be the same color as the leather, whereas on Diabro, it seems to be more of a contrasting color. Do you know which one is more accurate?
  4. i have this bag and the stitching isnt the same colour as the leather on the bag, its more of a contrasting colour, its beautiful! i adore it!