Question re: Contrast Stitching on Garden Party Tote


Dec 15, 2008
In H land
Hi All- I have been looking for a tote bag that is good for travel and work, so I thought an all leather GP might fit the bill. Well apparently the all leather GP is hard to come by in bright colors these days and I have located and bought a MM in Rouge H, which I know isn't bright but may work just as well... My only concern now is that it has the white contrast stitching, which I didn't want originally... I'm usually not a fan of contrast stitching, so my question is- how noticeable is the contrast stitching on these bags? TIA.


Extreme Hermès!
Aug 28, 2007
Orange World
^^ITA with hermesmonkey.

I happen to own Rouge H GP in MM with white stitching and it is quite prominent. But then, I love contrast stitching so this bag is perfect for me.