Question RE: Cambon Large Tote....

  1. I purchased a cambon large tote a few months ago and as you all probably know there is a strap attached inside the bag that you can clip anything on to. When I first saw it in the store, I asked the rep and he said I could attach my keys to it. While looking through eBay, however, I have noticed some Cambon totes that have a small wallet that comes with it. Are these fakes or did my rep fail to mention there is an available pouch that goes with the Cambon Tote that I can clip on to??:confused1:
  2. The wallet did not come with the bag.

  3. :yahoo:o good! well, sort of. Can they be purchased separately? If so, what would the proper name of them be called so I can do an online search.
  4. Those auctions on eBay are fake. As far as I know CHanel does not make a small pochette to attach to this. I use it for my keys too.:yes:
  5. Really? My friend has an authentic Cambon that her dad bought her and it had a little black wallet attatched to the clip. Are you saying it's fake?! :hrmm:
  6. I've noticed the little pouchette attached to them as well...I"m planning to buy one for myself and saw that and was wondering whether it's real or not...
  7. I dont remember which bag i saw that did have a little pouchette attached when I went to the boutique on 57th/Madison ave.
  8. I just bought a large cambon tote yesterday. I'm waiting for it to be shipped to NM, but when I purchased it there was no extra little pouch attached, and the SA certainly didn't mention one that came with it as a selling point, which it would have been.
  9. I guess with all the confusion...maybe is good to ask the sales about it.....
  10. I also just bought a Cambon Large tote yesterday. No pouch came with it.