Question RE: Baby Animal Flap

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  1. I know a few lucky ladies on here have this bag. :yahoo:

    I was wondering how many charms are on the strap? In the pics that I've seen on tPF there are three, owl, ladybug and butterfly...but on the one at my local boutique there is only the owl and ladybug?

    I'm hoping you ladies can clear this one up! Thanks a bunch!
  2. the ones i have seen have only have two.
  3. there are 2! mine has 2 and i verified with Chanel free-standing store just to make sure mine didn't have one fall off in transit: nope, two it is!

    bythe way, i carried her today and its amazing, she didn't look too youthful at all....i got loads of compliments from middle aged people including SAs. I think it depends on how one dresses...i am not young at all, and the bag looked totally appropriate...i am so glad i got her!!!!
    and she doesn't get dirty....i didn't go out of my way to baby her, and she looks perfect (today was 3rd time i carried her)
  4. I have it...and their is only 2 charms...when i received it...I was concerened about it having only 2 charms...because the lookbook has 3 I called the 800 Chanel number...and they said 2...and the look book was produced before production...and changes have been made...and only applied 2 charms...I was hoping for 3...but I have the whatever!!!
  5. love this bag. i hope you don't mind my asking how much you got it for.
  6. hi makeup! she was $1,595..............but not only do all of the above (what I wrote) make that price tag a bit easier to handle mentally (for a cloth bag), but alot fits because she stretches......don't have to worry about her losing her shape, 'cause its just that kind of bag! i hope you get one if you love it....
  7. thanks! i don't have a chanel bag yet but i'm about ready to make my first purchase. i know i should get something classic but i'm so loving this bag. :yahoo:i saw it at a boutique here in hk last week but i wasn't able to ask for the price. they also have a small clutch (pretty and much cheaper) but it doesn't fit much. oh well...wish me luck!
  8. I just saw and touched this bag at the trunk show. It had 2 charms, the owl and the Ladybug.
  9. best of luck, makeup!
  10. Does anyone have a picture of the animal clutch? I've seen the flap but i wonder how the clutch looks!? Please post pics :smile: