question on the price increase...

  1. does it apply to Chanel in Canada?
    I'm going to get my first Chanel tomorrow because I read there'll be a price increase on the classic flaps on Nov1, but I'm wondering if there'll be price increase in canada? how much is it for a med classic flap in Canada and how much is it in U.S? is it cheaper buying it from state?
    thanks for reading.
  2. aww sweetie...the price increase was two weeks ago for Canada.

    the medium classic flap in caviar went from $2200 to $2400 + tax. After you factor in duties and shipping, it is best to buy in Canada, even with the States not having their price increase yet. (From my experience anyways)

  3. Oh noooo, I didnt know that:sad: but good thing it didnt go up too much, not what I expected...I was told they'll increase the price by 25%.
    Do you know if the price increase apply to E/W bag? and how much does it cost?
  4. ^^ I'm quite sure it also applied to the E/W bag as well.

    You should check the price of shipping a bag from the States. The bags are significantly cheaper there, our dollar is a tad higher and even with duty and taxes, it may be a savings for you.
  5. ^^ thanks Jayne.
    Do you know where I can order a Chanel online? tia.
  6. AFAIK Chanel can't be ordered online. Unless you try eBay?

    I know that when I got a bag from the US from a Chanel Boutique I ended up paying close to $350CAD extra in duties and shipping.
  7. opps.
  8. I wouldnt want to buy it thru eBay, its too much risks.
    I'm thing of order it from state, perhaps my friend can get it for me. I'd have save alot. Here's what I have calculated on the med classic flap.

    Canadian price: U.S:
    $2400 + 15%tax= $2760 - $2000 + 8%tax= $2160
    the difference is = $ 600 :nuts:
    I think minus the shipping and duties, I'd have save a great amount of money. But if I get my friend to get it for me, I'd save lots. ;)