Question on black/black paddy

  1. I must have this one. Has anyone heard if its coming in a mini size other than the one with the shoulder strap? :Push: My Nordies SA said they were getting the med satchel but didn't know if its going to come out in the small size. But she's going to try and find out and get back to me. Even so I will have this bag. If it doesn't, I'll just sell my anthracite. I'll probably have to sell my anthra anyways because I dont need two metallic bags :rolleyes: (it sure looked metallic in the lookbook anyways)
  2. I think the LVR site had multiple paddies with black on black. I thought I saw a mini there too. Have you checked it out? Yep, I just checked LVR, they have on there. It comes with a shoulder strap too though. I wonder if its detachable. Good luck!!!
  3. yeah, the SA said it was detachable but I dont like the extra loop/buckle things on the side of the bag. I'd never use it with the strap anyhow