Question : New to "Coach" , are these bags only available at Coach -Japan ?

  1. Hello!

    I am new to "Coach" , sorry if I am asking a some stupid questions here. Is these purses only available at Coach stores at Japan ? Thanks in advance~!! :shame:

  2. They will be available in the US in April :smile: I believe they can be ordered now however, they are called Ergo. HTH
  3. Thanks sprinkles ! Do you know how much are they? I didn't manage to see them on the coach website, do you know how many colours are there?

  4. That is the Ergo Signature Tote/10766. I own both the khaki/mahogany and the black signature. I bought them both at Dillard's (dept store). The regular size (10766) is $328 and the larger size (10767) is $428. I don't know the style numbers to the all-leather Ergo totes.
  5. do a search for "ergo" on and you'll find them.
  6. Thanks for the info, AddictedToCoach !

    So, this means that these bags are already available in US? I am intereted in Ergo in Khaki than those all-learther totes. I've seen Ergo with Khaki with different colour of leather trimming and scarf version at the yahoo auction.

    but, I've only manage to see the all-leather ergo at the coach website though. *confused* :confused1:
  7. ^the people who already have some, they have the pilot bag (most likely). if you want to post links to what you're looking at yahoo, you can post in the authenticate this sticky and we'll let you know if they're authentic.
  8. Thanks kallison ! I just want to know whether these khaki ergo will be available at US as the seller claimed that those are limited edition from Coach-Japan.

    If these Khaki Ergos are going to be avail at US in April , then I will just wait for them rather than getting one from yahoo auction now. I will post links at "authenticate this sticky" , if I decide to get it now.

    Thanks~! you girls are very helpful~!!! :heart: :flowers:
  9. I've only seen the black signature, the khaki/mahogany (as shown in that picture) and the khaki/camel...

    If you search for Ergo on, you'll only see the all-leather version. Go to the online catalog and look on pages 58-59. If you click on the Ergo Sig Tote on the bottom, it'll take you to a page that says it isn't available online. You can call their CS to try to locate one... actually, you can call and order right now. I ordered the black sig but returned it cause I like the pilot black sig better... the newer ones have a slight difference in the color of the stitching.

    So... they are available to order right now. :yes:
  10. i have the khaki sig one, but it's the pilot version.

    honestly, most of yahoo stuff is FAKE. let alone stuff that isn't really released yet. so i would just wait and order from coach later.
  11. The black sig tote in this pic is the newer one that is available from Coach CS right now. My pilot version has cream stitching where this bag has black stitching.
  12. Do you girls have photos of the lovely Ergos? please post if you have any yeah.
    Thanks in advance~!!
  13. [​IMG]


    pj pics (gotta love the big comfy pj pants, lol!)


  14. kallison, the Ergo tote looks GREAT on you!
  15. thanks! :shame:

    it's SO roomy and light! plus it's comfy over the shoulder, even if you're not stick thin!