Question: Modern Chain Tote Or Baby Cabas

  1. Okay, I'm planning to purchase a tote for everyday use and I was thinking either a modern chain tote or the baby cabas. Colorwise, I haven't decided yet. Maybe you ladies can give me some ideas of what I should get.
  2. i have been using my baby cabas for several weeks now. it holds a lot, it's very stylish & i like that it is not very "showy". the biggest con for me is that is does not fully close, but otherwise, i'm a huge fan of it.

  3. i vote for the baby cabas. mc is nice but too heavy in a tote imo.
  4. ^ita
  5. I love the MC line, so I'd vote MC!
  6. I'm new to the Chanel forum, as for my 1st Chanel I went w/ a black Baby Cabas for everyday use. I haven't really heard any negatives on it yet. g:huh:d luck on your decision, be sure to Post pics when you get her~!
  7. I'm biased, but BC all the way!
  8. I would vote for cabas.
  9. I really love both but I would go with the Baby Cabas - the MC ligne has a heavy chain (my small flap even gets heavy after carrying it around a bit).
  10. I am with the majority, the cabas gets my vote.
  11. I had the same debate before, but I ended up with the cabas since the MC is sooo heavy even when it's empty....
  12. Did you decide?
  13. Modern Chain tote - A bit more structured and your stuff wouldn't get all jumbled up. Mine is big enough for my MacBookPro.

    It is also edgier.
  14. For everyday, I would go BC. It's lighter and therefore, probably a better daily tote. I personally want a GST which is heavier but only because I need to tote a laptop around. If you're using it just for errands and not heavy things, BC.
  15. I have the MC tote and the big Cabas... and even though I love my Cabas, I think the MC tote may be a more practical bag. Although it is really heavy, it can work with more outfits and it closes a bit better... and things don't get lost inside it.

    I love both though, so I don't think you can go wrong with either one.