Question...MJ Soft Classic Clutch Wallet in Whiskey - Good enough deal to keep it?

  1. Yesterday I bought a MJ Soft Classic zip around clutch in whiskey with shiny gold hardware. It is not the two pocket version; it is a one pocket version with the same clasp as the double pocket. Its gourgeous and very functional. I got it for $200 on sale and it was originally $495. I cant find a picture of it anywhere but Ive attached a picture of the handbag that seems to go with it.

    Anyway, I have no real need to be matchy, but I got this beautiful wallet and it seems that I have no handbags that have gold hardware, or similar color or anything. What it boils down to is that Ive already spent my budget on a great black Derek Lam purse and I got the wallet because it was a great deal for a beautiful wallet.

    My primary bags are a soft-bronze fendi with silver hardware and a black derek lam with dark antiqued brass hardware. I do already have a black wallet that works for me, but these MJ wallets are hard to come by at this price. Should I justify keeping this wallet even if it doesnt really go with my bags?? The ideal color would be black leather with silver hardware, but for this price would you compromise??
  2. wow....i lea towards keeping it. Your accesories don't always have to match your bag...if you like the wallet then keep it because you may end up buying a brown bag in chocolate, etc and this would go with it then....the gold hardware is simply beautiful to me and my wallet wouldn't look the same without it, besides maybe it's time to lookf for a bag with gold hardware? possibly an MJ?
  3. i would keep it since i like MJ. but you dont sound so satisfied, so perhaps return it and put the $200 towards something else.
  4. I think you found it at a great price, but if you're not in love with it, then don't keep it. It's always better to take off the sales goggles and put the money toward something that you want/need.
  5. Is this the style of wallet you got?

    I would keep it - Whiskey is a neutral enough color to go with pretty much any bag. Besides, I don't believe your wallet has to match every single one of your bags. I have a Geranium colored Zip Clutch that I bought years ago that I used with every bag I carried, and I only own one "pink-ish" bag (and that's Fuscia from years ago!).

    I think MJ wallets, esp the ZCs are the best wallets you can buy and you got yours for an excellent price (more than 1/2 price!)!! You can always use it for a while and if you don't like it, resell it - even gently used MJ wallets sell for a good price cuz they're so HTF!!!

    Congrats on a great buy!
  6. I do love that picture of the quilted wallet. This is what I got. Its growing on me but Im still not sure if I should just use what I already have. These clutches are especially good though, because they have a strap, and a place for a pen. Its all about functionality. I just have to figure out if the color is going to work...