Question from London BV virgin

  1. I am in love with a BV bag that I have seen on the BV website...I haven't managed to track it down in London yet, but I can't afford it right now anyway! I have a question though...does anyone know whether the prices in the UK are much the same as those on the website? Or do they hike them up this side of the Atlantic?
  2. I think you can choose UK as your starting point for the website and then the prices for the catalogue will appear in GBP, and most of the items from the Online Shopping section are featured in the catalogue.

    Prices are cheapest in Euro but higher in GBP than in USD. Another member, balchlfen had her BVs shipped in from the Hamburg, Germany store and was able to save a whole lot of money. That`s a thing you might consider. Otherwise, there`s the BV seasonal sale, so if it`s a seasonal item you`re looking for, you might be lukcy to grab it during the sale.
  3. Thanks for the heads up C24, I've also heard the BV is cheaper in Europe than London, I also found the same from Balenciaga and had some bags shipped to me from the Paris Boutique and it was still cheaper even after paying shipping.
  4. I have limited experience with BV but from what I have seen, prices in the US are surprisingly equal to or slightly higher than in the UK. For example I am buying a Veneta -

    UK - price including all taxes = £900 (circa $1800 even at todays ridiculous exchange rates)

    US - price = $1,850 (and I think you have to add sales tax to this price if you buy it in store).
  5. Thanks for the info guys! When I looked on the website it said you could only shop in US, so I assumed that was the only option for prices too. Will take another look!
  6. Hi Sez, welcome to the wonder world of BV!

    I live in Switzerland, from my own experience, BV is the cheapest in Euro zone. I used to compare the price of my Veneta before purchase: in Switzerland, the retail price is higher than that of France even considering that the consumption tax in Switzerland is much lower! (7.6% vs. 19.6%) Not to mention that I can get tax refund! That's a lot of money saved!