Question for YSL shoe owners...

  1. I thought I'd find you here rather than in Glass does the sizing run? Particularly,is it very narrow?

    i am interested in the tribute pumps if i can find them,and in a style for winter.
  2. I find the sizing true to size if not a tad generous esp on the platform style. And I have wide feet. YSL shoes are :tup:
  3. Oh, I also have wide feet. It's difficult for me to find shoes that are truly comfortable.

    Thanks ms piggy. I'll definitely give YSL shoes a try!
  4. woohoo!! Thanks mates!! Hope I can get these little numbers:smile:.
  5. I agree, YSL seems to run true to size. At least it's closer than Gucci (too big) or Louboutin (too small).
  6. I have to add a dissenting opinion here, although my YSL heels are a few years old. I find they run a little snug. I normally wear 35.5 to 36. These are 36 and I had them stretched.
  7. I have 4 pairs of the tributes and they are very true to size.
  8. Welcome to tpf. Pls post pics!
  9. They do run true to size-at least my pumps are :smile: Good luck hunting on shoes..they sure are beautiful and comfy.