Question for those with LV bag(s) w/detachable handles

  1. I have 2 LV bags that have detachable handles. (The kind that buckle on---like the Summit Drive and the Berkeley). My question is--- when you store your bag, do you take off the handles and put them inside? Or do you just leave them on and put them in the dust bag? I've been taking mine off and putting them inside, but this becomes a bit of a hassle (or maybe I'm becoming lazy LOL!)

    Just want to hear from you fellow PF'ers regarding this and want to do the best thing in order to take care of the bags!

    TIA! :smile::smile::smile:
  2. I usually take mine off and roll them up and store them inside the bag. But then I'm quite OCD and like to inspect my bags before placing them in the dustbag for storage to make sure there isn't anything that needs to be cleaned up before they're put away.
  3. I leave mine on, the box is large enough. I know the handles will wrinkle, but the will happen from use anyway
  4. Thanks Queen and NewCityLady! I appreciate your input!:smile:
  5. Yes, if the handles or straps can be removed, I always do before storage. This prevents the hardware from leaving a metal mark on the leather. It really does prevent this from happening!
  6. ^^^ ITA! I do the same thing!:tup:
  7. I take mine off, because I don't want them to get permanently bent or anything (I have a popincourt haut). I also have a musette tango with an adjustable strap that I got pre-loved, and there's a bend and a mark in the strap where the buckle is. I don't want that to happen to my PH too, so when storing it I also take off the handles.

    I don't put the handles inside the bag anymore, though; I just put them in the dustbag outside the bag. I used to put them inside, but I think that made the patina on the handles progress slower than on the outside I'm leaving them out in the hopes that it will catch up!