Question for those w/Dark Hair who Go Lighter

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  1. For anyone with dark hair who lightens with highlights or all over color--do you also lighten your eyebrows in some way (make up or otherwise)? Just curious because I am changing my hair color from a medium brown to med. brown with blonde highlights, and I feel like my brows will look a bit dark in comparison. I know there are no steadfast rules to this, so I'd love to hear what everyone thinks... Thanks!!;)
  2. I think since your just highlighting your hair, your eyebrows will look ok. My natural color is light-med brown and I dye my hair blonde and never had my brows lightened. There are times I thought about it, but never went through with it.
  3. Brows should be darker. You'll find that you 'wash out' really easily if you lighten them.
    If your eyebrows are black, then a med-dk brown may look better though.

    Oddly, I lighten my hair and darken my eyebrows! LOL!
    My eyebrows are naturally blonde and are virtually invisible unless I darken them!
  4. When I went from very dark to high (ashe blonde) & lowlights, I lightened my brows but it almost made my eyes/lashes look too dark. Instead, I started thinning my brows a little more and using a brown brow pencil. If you're not going solid and are just adding highlights, it'll look totally fine since you'll still have your natural brown in there.
  5. Thanks for all of your opinions, ladies! I think I am going to try thinning them first and see how that looks. Thanks again!! :smile:
  6. I agree with this advice! I have ashy brown hair (used to be blonde as a kid then it darkened), but for some reason my eyebrows stayed light. So even though I highlight my hair now I still have to lightly pencil in some brows :yes:
  7. my hair was medium brown and i have a ton and a half of blonde highlights in it (three different shades - it actually doesn't look as fake as it sounds, it's more of an overall lightening effect) and my eyebrows don't look too dark at all. you'll notice that on natural blondes, most of them have eyebrows several shades darker than their regular hair, so i wouldn't worry about it.
  8. I think it depends. My eyebrows are ALMOST too dark for my regular hair color (I have light brown hair, my eyebrows are dark dark brown), so if I go any lighter, I have to bleach them. But when I went darker, they matched perfectly. :biggrin: Check it out once you dye.