question for Short Hills mall Chanel shoppers

  1. I used to buy from Nick from Chanel Short Hills all the time but its been a while since I've been in. Anyway, I came in last week and heard he was gone. Anyone know where he went?

    All the other SA's are so nice there and I have bought a little something from most of them, so now I have NO CLUE who I should buy from in the future. They all are so friendly and remember my name when I come in. I feel bad having to choose.
  2. Oh, too bad. He was so nice. I bought my black Modern chain tote from him and he tracked down a teal baby cabas and sent it to me. I wonder where he went. They are all nice in that store, I agree, but he was my favorite.
  3. I bought my GST from Nick too. He was so sweet. I haven't been there for a while though.

    Luccibag, when is your bundle of joy due?
  4. Spylove22, my baby is due in about 2 weeks. Cant come soon enough. I feel like I've been pregnant 4ever!

  5. Oh, how exciting!!! :yahoo: I know exactly how you feel, but it could be any minute now! Congrats!
  6. Linda,

    I don't have any info on Nick, I didn't even know him.

    I shop exclusively with Naomi. She always get's me what I want, she's very accomodating, and I like her!! She used to be my SA in LV, then she left LV for Chanel. She knows me well and treats me great.

    Do you know if you're having a boy or a girl??? Any names picked out yet???
  7. Lamb, Naomi is very nice. She always remembers me and comes by to say hello. I'd love to buy from her, but I have bought from 2 other SA's as well, and I feel kind of funny. Maybe I can figure something out, I almost feel like buying from downstairs NM because I dont know what to do. LOL.

    Im having a BOY! His name will be Justin. I have a boy and a girl already, so it didnt matter. Im excited about it.
  8. That's such a nice name for a boy!!!!! I always liked the name Justin.

    I can't stand the SA's at the NM downstairs LOL!!!! Maybe you can just stick with the Chanel store, and you can always buy from a different SA each time!!!

    I went last week and Naomi wasn't I bought my crystal earrings from a different SA (I don't know her name). If my Sa isn't there, I have to buy from whoever is.....I don't live that close to Short Hills, it's a tiny bit of a hike for me.
  9. i have used Irena at NM Chanel. she is wonderful.
  10. Lamb, you probably bought from Julia at SH Chanel. She is nice too. Not that outgoing but she can be very accomodating and pleasant.
  11. Linda,

    She was slim, blondish, friendly and easy going. I'm sorry I didn't ask her name!!!
  12. Paul at Chanel store in Short Hills is VERY nice and answers all questions gladly!
  13. Lucci,
    I loved Nick and am so sad to see him go. All I know is that he didn't go to another Chanel and the folks there were not forthcoming about where he has landed or why he left...
    Paul is a sweetheart though!
  14. I went to the Chanel boutique at the SH mall today and didn't find any of the SA's to be particularly friendly...I think I'll just stick to the Chanel boutique at NM...:sad:
  15. oops double post