Question for posting thread about Coach discussion

  1. I have a question. There is a thread on a local forum (NOT purse-oriented forum) but the thread is about Coach purses and replica bags. I would LOVE to have some of us from tPF comment to some of these people posting on there to educate them. Is it allowed to post the link here? If not, I guess people can pm me. There are 2 or 3 of us on there saying that it's illegal, etc and the rest of everyone is telling us to get the sticks out of our ***** and who cares. :cursing:

  2. Heya tanukiki!
    All though you have the right idea in mind we cant post the link. Its a type of advertising.
    Thanks for asking!!;)
  3. Kimmie, does that only pertain to non-tpf forums? Cause I as well as many other people have posted links to other tpf threads if it pertains to the other topic we are posting on. Just making sure cause I don't want to screw up! LOL
  4. Not making a judgement statement here but I figured I should check as this forum is very strict on it's rules. To me it's not advertising as it's not even a remotely related type of advertising and eBay links are allowed. But having said that, if someone pms me, can I give them the link? I REALLY want some other people to go in and back me up on this. :cursing:
  5. what kind of forum is it?
    I hate for us to go "witch hunting" {for lack of better term}, could you just point them here, to tPF?
  6. I stated that anyone who wanted to know how to spot a fake and wanted more information on bags in general should visit tPF. Most people on there said it was stupid to pay for a real one and there was no harm in it, yada yada. I don't really want to go on a witch hunt but I dunno. It just bothers me, ya know? It's a pretty active forum for one of the towns here in N TX.
  7. people could PM you:yes: that should be fine.
  8. Thanks!
  9. Sorry I couldnt get back to you sooner. Swanky is right, pms are just fine:yes:

    No problem at all posting links here within the PF. Just outside of the pf isnt good. KWIM? Post away chickadee!:wlae: