Question for our wonderful SAs

  1. Well, I got my embossed book tote back from the repair center, but they basically said that since it's what they consider a stain, they won't do anything about it :sad: . Now when I brought it into the store to ask about the spot on it (I had only carried the bag for a couple of hours and of course discovered the spot, which looks almost like concentrated dye, after I cut the tags off), the SAs and manager looked at it and they made the decision to send it in, I did not request for them to do that, and they seemed to think it would be covered. So my question is should call or go to the store and try to speak to someone else or should I just let it go? I am assuming that the repair center has the final say on what they're going to do about these things and I certainly am not going to freak out over a little spot, I'm just bummed that my new bag has this spot on it and since it's unfinished leather, I can't use anything on it to try and lessen its appearance.

    And one other question if you happen to know - the SA at the store said that I couldn't use moisturizer on the bag, but the care card that came with it said you could, but not the cleaner. Do you think I could use the moisturizer or should I err on the safe side and just skip it?

    Thanks in advance!
  2. I was alittle disappointed the last time I bought something from Coach. It was the blue patent mini & it has alittle brownish stain by the zipper it's underneath on the actual leather. It bothered me at first but then I kept thinking it's so tiny I shouldn't let it eat at me. I do honestly believe that mine was a return b/c the tags were ripped like it was a returned gift.

    Do you have a pic of your bag & the stain? Are they still selling the bag instore, if so I would just try to exchange.
  3. willowsmom: I would go back to the same store you went to, to send it in and ask them what they think. If they sell the bag they possibly might exchange it, I know my store would if we sold it. You could also call CS and speak to them, there are some wonderful people there (and some really eh ones). You could also send it to them as a return and they could possibly exchange it. Remember, You're the customer and if you feel it's a problem with the leather- speak up! Just don't get crazy :P Also! You can use moisturizer, some employees don't look at the cards inside and aren't sure if you can or not.

    Pursefanatic85: Was it one of the new patent mini skinnies? I would bring it into the store again because we just got a memo about those. The tag being ripped off doesn't mean it was returned. When we open shipment, sometimes we open too many before a floorset and have to rewrap them. They are still brand new. Also sometimes we need to open them to look at them too but we need to rewrap them.
  4. Thanks for the info but will they still exchange it if I've been using it? I have another question totally off topic but are they coming out with any hamptons weekend hobo in the spring. I love the blues, pinks, & greens like this
    hamptons hobo.jpg
  5. sprinkles - thanks so much for the input. I will try to go back to the store where I ordered it and where they returned it for me. I don't think the sending it in will work -that's what I already did (through that store) and they sent it back w/the note saying they wouldn't fix it. Unfortunately, the store I took it to does not sell this bag -they helped me order it, but maybe they'll do a return and give me a credit - I guess it doesn't hurt to ask! And I promise, I won't get crazy! Thanks again!

    pursefanatic - the batteries in my digital died this morning and apparently, we are all out of them! I'll try to post a pic once we get more batteries!
  6. i think they should at least let you return the bag and then re-order another one. no point in spending all that money to be disappointed. (remember the thread about my new bag? it drove me CRAZY and no one else could see what was bothering me! but once i got a new bag, i felt MUCH better).
    if you want a new bag, don't settle for anything less. don't be rude (of course). but you're a loyal customer!
  7. Very calmly ask for the store manager, or find out when they will be in and come back then and explain the issue to them. I had a beautiful pink coach bag with pink suede corners that I ended up being very disappointed with - the suede turned absolutely black in spots in a very short period of time and I am very gentle with my bags. I brought the bag in within a month and they could not clean it or restore the appearance, I explained how unhappy I was with how the bag was wearing and they did a return for store credit. But the regular SAs could not do that. Just be calm and explain that you are unhappy with the bag and feel that it is a defect. GOOD LUCK!
  8. Well, I tried . . . and failed. The store manager was there, but the general consensus was that it looks like black ink (which I definitely did not have anywhere near the purse), so that's why it can't/won't be replaced. I'm not very aggressive, and they know me by name in the store, so I didn't want to pitch a fit. The SA who had helped me before used some of the moisturizer on it, but it really didn't do anything. The problem is that at this point, it's obvious that we've been "playing" with the spot trying to remove it, so, I guess as my husband likes to say: it is what it is. I will, however, be extremely unhappy with Coach if they send back my other bag and tell me they won't do anything about that either.