Question for Mandy and Ali owners....

  1. How do the shoulder straps compare on these two bags? Are they about the same? Same drop length?

    Here's why! :yahoo:

    I got my first Ali in Dec. and LOVE it! Perfect size and drop for me! It's white so I don't use it everyday and I've been looking for something in Whiskey for everyday. I've been scoping out eBay for a Mandy for 6 months and finally got what I wanted at an awesome price. My Whiskey Mandy is on the way to me!!

    So if I love Ali, will I love Mandy too? I actually think I will like the zip top better for an everyday bag. Can't wait!!
  2. Same type of strap & while I don't have them side by side, they drop is very similar.
  3. I don't think you will like the drop the same. Mandy is much wider on the top, thus creating a lower strap drop and not as slouchy. I didn't find it comfortable at all when i tried both on and decided on the Ali. I love the Mandy style though so you may like it the same but I didn't find it to feel the same.
  4. Yes..the drop is similar. Mandy might be just a hair shorter but not noticeable. BTW...we are bag twins! I also have a white Ali and a whiskey Mandy!! Congrats!
  5. Mandy's drop isn't as long as Ali. Mandy will fit more under your arm.
  6. Oh! I hope I like it. I've wanted a Mandy for Sooo long! I guess we'll see in a couple of days.
  7. hmmm maybe close drop but I can't do the mandy on me.. it's a beautiful bag but it is huge and bulky and heavy and if it doesn't have much it really slouches. I am an Ali fan though! :tup:
  8. I have two Mandys (black sig, charcoal suede) and an Ali (black leather) and I love them all pretty much equally. I find the strap drop to be about the same but, as someone already mentioned, the Mandy is a little bulkier and so doesn't fit quite as nicely under my arm. But the Mandy is slouchy enough that it doesn't feel too bulky. The only thing you might find different about the Mandy is that it's quite a bit heavier than the Ali. But if you don't mind your bag being on the heavy side, then you'll be fine.

    I think you'll love your whiskey Mandy - congrats on getting one! Such a beautiful colour and a classic style. My Mandys and Ali are in my top 4 favourite bags.