Question for Leigh owner

  1. are you please with it?
  2. I absolutely love the Leigh. See my other post here titled Camel or Walnut Leigh. I love it so much that I am thinking of getting it in another color. What color are you looking at?
  3. I just won the whiskey color on eBay yesterday for $320, but i never seening it in person, so i dont know if it i good size. I dont like small bags
  4. I have the brown signature leigh and I love it. It's the only COACH bag I haven't sold yet! And I doubt I will. I kinda want it in all the colors it comes in!

    It's a great size!
  5. I should get it by this weekend, will post pic when i receivce it. I get nervous when i buy something i never tried on or seening in person
  6. I love my Leigh. It is a good size; I can fit my wallet, tattersall cosmetic case, checkbook, ipod, Stiletto radio, sunglasses, and Blackberry with room to spare. The drop length is perfect. You made a good choice and got a great price!
  7. I have the choc sig Leigh and it is absolutely one of my favorite bags of all time. Its large enough to fit everything I need, but not huge. Very comfortable to wear, love the leather/chain strap and of course that Legacy lining! I think you will be very pleased with it.
  8. I am also considering getting a Leigh with my PCE. Either that or a Miranda. Wish I could afford both.
  9. I have the Leigh in black leather and I love it! I like how she can be worn in the crock of your arm or on the shoulder.
  10. I have a raisin Leigh and I absolutely adore her. She holds all of my junk with class and style. Leigh is a great day to evening bag and you should definitely get one.
  11. The Leigh is so pretty....and you don't see them everywhere like the Carly (I do love the Carly too)....there's something extra special about the Leigh....I love the look of the Rose one on the website but people have said it looks too orangey in person....I'll have to check them out. ;)
  12. I have the signature/black and I have to agree that she is my favorite bag. I always get lots of compliments and it is a bit more unusual in the fact that you don't see them everywhere. The only downside is that she is heavy, but so pretty. Can't wait to see your choice.
  13. I love the Leigh and think it's a decent size. However, I do wish the strap was a tad bit longer. I really love the new rose color!!