Question for Lawrence (Dickies80)

  1. Hi Lawrence,
    I have a question. Those LV pins the LV SAs wear, who makes them? Do they get tarnished fast? I don't think it's made by LV as there's no stamp on them (a la Chanel) but I was just wondering.

    My SA in LA gave me hers a couple of years ago. I've never worn it so I really don't know if it gets tarnished fast. I was thinking of using it on my scarf.
  2. Do you have a picture of it? I would love to see it!
  3. Me Too! Piccy Plz!
  4. Hey you!

    You're right! They aren't made by LV... I even checked my pin just in case and yeah I really do feel they will tarnish over time though.

    My fellow co worker and friend has a different pin, I'll have to check hers out. (She's been with LV for years! haha.)

    That's so cute an SA gave one to you! Aw, too cute! I say wear it on your scarf and I hope it doesn't tarnish! Eek, ha.
  5. Hi guys,
    I will post pics when I get home (I'm at work now).

    Thanks Laurence (sorry I misspelled your name :blush:)
    Yes, Marie is the best. I am not sure if she's still there :sad:
    I've been calling to let her know I'm coming in Nov and they keep passing me to a Marie in Beverly Hill Center but my Marie was in the Rodeo Drive's LV.
    I'll be so disappointed if she's gone :cry baby:
  6. Haha, that is okay!

    Just remember I have the french spelling, hehe... "Lauuurence..." haha.

    Ohhh hmm Marie at Rodeo Drive... yeah want me to find out? hehe, but yeah... ohhh that's funny Marie at Beverly Center! I believe she one of the managers there if we are thinking of the same Marie... she rung me up one time! She's very cute, and petite and very nice too.
  7. OMG yes Laurence!
    Find out for me.
    My Marie is actually Anne-Marie.
    She has a french accent and is an older petit lady.
    She has shoulder length hair. I have her business card.
    Maybe I should just PM you her full name.
    Let em go get it.