Question for everyone...

  1. I'm not sure if this is on the right category, but I'm just curious as to how many people know of the name Abaco. I did a thread a couple days ago to find out about the purse (I found it at a resale shop for a couple dollars) and now I'm thinking about selling it. What's the best way to go about doing that? Are there enough people that look for that brand??

    For reference: - Shoes & Handbags > Handbags > Shop By Brand > Abaco

    This doesnt look like my bag, but its the same brand.
  2. I'll kick off by saying I am afraid I have never heard of the brand or name but I am UK based so may not be typical. . .
  3. I did a little poking around (hey, it beats workin') and Abaco seems to be a UK label associated with Byblos. thos bags look a lot like Hayden-Harnett designs, though.
  4. Should I put it on eBay?? Or go through a different used bags site?
  5. Never heard of it. But it just may not be in the states
  6. If I were selling one of these, I'd try eBay with the option of shipping internationally.
  7. OK!! Thanks a ton....xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx - and in the meantime if anyone has any ideas about where to sell otherwise...please let me know!
  8. Careful, some will slam you for solicitation of your auctions.
  9. oh..thanks for the tip..I'm sorrry!!! I'm new to tpf - just wanted some advice!
  10. Sorry for the long Abaco story, but, here goes.....In the summer I was bumming around NYC with a friend and saw these amazing, buttery soft bags in a boutique window. They were Abaco and at that point, I hadn't heard of them. They were over $600.00 - Then, as we ventured into Lord & Taylor they had some of the most gorgeous Abaco bags on the front table. Well, I immediately grabbed one and it was $775.00. It was the most amazing, squishy soft leather and the workmanship was gorgeous. Loved it, but, wasn't prepared to spend that much on a brand I hadn't heard of (not that day anyhow) Anyway, the next time we went, they were all sold out. Well, today, 02/24/07, I was making my rounds in the Paramus Lord & Taylor handbag section and saw this kick-a** hot looking bag hanging there with the lucky bags (love them too). There it was!! My Abaco!! On clearance!!?!?! Had somebody returned it? Was it buried in the back room? Who knows, but, I snagged that baby for $164.56 tax included!!!! Today was a good day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Pictures attached!!!

    One last thing. The tag says Abaco Paris
    Feb 24 006.jpg Feb 24 012.jpg
  11. That is an AWESOME STORY!! congrats. . .enjoy that squishy baby!
  12. thats a great bag! ^^^
  13. I like it. That's a great bargain! Congrats!
  14. GORGEOUS!!!!!!! :love: I know I saw that bag at Bloomies for over $700.!!! It was the softest bag I ever touched!!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: I am very jealous of you right now and will be on my way to L&T tomorrow!!!!!:nuts:
  15. Purse-Ooooh, great-looking bag!