Question for Epi Ludlow Owners...

  1. I just bought a very nice looking Epi Ludlow, but after I got home, a noticed that one of the snaps has a bit of play in it. It's not a big deal, but I'm not happy that the snap doesn't seem to latch firmly. Is there an easy fix for this or is it normal? I'd HATE turing right around to make a long drive back over this, but I don't want to just deal since it was expensive.
    Thanks for your help!
  2. I don't have a Ludlow but my LV items with snaps dont seem to have much "play" if I understand what you mean - maybe see how secure it feels with the wallet full and if the snap is holding well, its probably just over concern but if you are uncomfortable with it at all, use your judgement on it, or at least give them a call and talk to them about it -- I'm sure you'll get some good responses from Ludlow owners, just giving you my thoughts.
  3. I dont have a ludlow but do have LV wallets. Try turning it like it's a bolt on a screw. Sometimes the hardware is screwed on, sometimes not. Otherwise if it bothers you, I'd exchange it I guess? Might give you trouble later on. Loose snaps scare me cause I think they might rip the material.
  4. Thanks for the responses- I haven't loaded it up with stuff yet since I'm considering exchanging it. I'm probably a little too concerned, but I do worry about a failed snap in the future, and the expense of a repair. I'm hoping to use this wallet a lot!
  5. I have a red epi ludlow and I don't have that issue with mine. I would exchange it.
  6. if its not perfect, exchange it!
    the ludlow is a great wallet though, and when you get the right one, it should hold up!