Question for denim speedy owners:

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  1. In addition to the gorgeous Bagtinolles Horizantal, (birthday present from boyfriend) my other new goodies are the Monogram Groom cles (birthday present to myself from myself! :biggrin: ) I was wondering on purchasing a denim speedy. However before I make this decision, I need to know whether the denim is durable or not? It seems easily tear-able to me... is that true? How long have you been carrying it, and how do you store it? When is it usable and when is it not?

    Thanks! :heart:
  2. Its a great purchase! The denim speedy is so light, durable and easy to carry.

    I've been more then pleased with mine.
  3. i own a denim mini pleaty and its been tossed around a bit and it still looks great.
  4. I have a neo speedy and I don't find it fragile at all. Mine is blue so I don't have worry about denim transfer when I'm wearing my jeans. When I'm not using it I stuff it with the stuffing it came with, in it's dust bag and box. It's such a pretty bag and you won't regret it!
  5. Ooh, thanks! And the denim fabric doesn't tear easily, does it?
  6. I think you would have to be incredibly hard on this bag to tear the fabric. Like, taking sharp objects to it.
  7. I think the denim speedy is durable.. so no worries.. and it will be such a perfect bag for summer!! :yes:
  8. Just got my neo speedy today - absolutely :heart: it! I have been wanting this bag forever and am so happy to finally have it - brand new from the boutique! Denim seems like it will be very durable and easy to wear.
  9. I've owned a blue denim neo speedy and also now a baggy GM. Material is very durable but I have seen some get dirty. Not sure how you clean it but I throw mine around and am not very careful and have never had a problem. They also make shoes out of the same material and I own two pairs and they are pretty tough to ruin unless you're jumping into mud puddles... lol
  10. I have a blue baggy Pm for about three months now and a fuschia neo speedy about a month. The denim seems pretty thick and durable to me. I am pretty hard on my leather bags but have been a little more careful with my denims. I really love these bags and think you will too!
  11. i've had the Denim Neo-Speedy in blue since November 2005, and it's been thrown around a little but it's survived. it's much more durable than most people think, and it's VERY lightweight :yes:
  12. I :heart: the Denim........It is very durable
  13. I've dribbled coffee on my denim speedy. Didnt notice it right away and when i did i was :wtf:. No big issue, i took a damp cloth to it and it was gone..

    I also want to say, i did spray this bag with shining moneky since it is for FABRIC and that is what this product is for. I'm not sure if that helped, but in any event I was please either way.

  14. I have a Neo Speedy in blue and just love it! It is my everyday bag and I have not a sign of soil on it. Yesterday I received my blue denim Zippy Wallet. :supacool: It is the most beautiful addition, that is also functional, that you can imagine. Interior is soft yellow leather. Yumm!
  15. This is all so good to read since I have been a little nervous about my new baggy pm. It usually takes me a couple of weeks to "relax" with my bags anyway. In the beginning I am a little neurotic. Good thread.